SEM Wins Awards for All Funding!

OPAL Air Tree survey logo

SEM Wins Awards for All Funding to Deliver OPAL Air & Tree Surveys with Young People.

The Open Air Laboratories (OPAL) Explore Nature programme is a citizen science programme which opens people’s eyes to the natural world. Over 0.5 million people in the UK have participated in the OPAL programme. it generates excitement in people who have previously overlooked the natural world. ‘Fun’ is one of the most commonly used words in online comments box. OPAL  shows people how everyday living can affect their environment.

Surveys of lichen on over 20,000 trees have enabled people to recognise the impact of local air quality on their environment. OPAL scientists designed a programme of seven national research projects known as the National Surveys with over 250,000 learning packs used by schools and the wider community.

OPAL participants have added to a wealth of new scientific data, over 22, 000 sites across England have been surveyed with the data entered into the OPAL national database for analysis. OPAL enables greater public involvement in biological monitoring as it creates a sense of connection and ownership of local spaces.  

OPAL Air Tree survey logo

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