UK Schools Sustainability Network – Climate and Sustainability

30 individuals from across the UK – including teachers, students and representatives from various organisations – including SEMs Maxwell Ayamba, have produced this short introduction to the issues of climate and sustainability and what you can do and who is out there to support you.

The National Cycle Network & Tourism

Sustrans logo

On 13 July 2021 The National Cycle Network (Sustrans) held a roundtable featuring SEM’s Maxwell Ayamba.

Chaired by Steve Brine MP, the round table discussed five key questions and highlighted how the Network can make a greater contribution to local tourism and economies.

After discussions, several recommendations were made to make the network more inclusive and responsive to the needs of local communities.

Reccommendations included;

– Working with partners to increase the number of new community groups involved with the Network.

– seeking opportunities and partnerships across the UK to illustrate how different demographic groups can enjoy the Network.

– promoting that the countryside and the National Cycle Network is for and belongs to everyone.

– ensuring that Tourism providers publicity advertising for countryside holiday targets diverse audiences.

– making the National Cycle Network more accessible

The National Cycle Network is a network of signed routes spanning the UK. It is used by walkers, joggers, wheelchair users and horse riders, as well as people on cycles. Over a third of the UK population lives within 800 metres (a 10-minute walk) of the Network. A local asset with incredible reach, it connects people and places across the UK and provides traffic-free spaces for everyone to enjoy.