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Sheffield Environmental Movement Launch

Sheffield Environmental Movement Launches

AMENITY CHIEF LAUNCHES NEW SHEFFIELD ENVIRONMENTAL CHARITY ‘Sheffield and the Peak District National Park are the crucible of the access crusade.  The new Sheffield Environmental Movement(1) is well placed to enable everyone to enjoy the park’s special qualities today’. So said Kate Ashbrook, the General Secretary of the Open Spaces Society(2), Britain’s oldest national conservation […]

Round Table Debate 12-10-07 C Anwar Suliman (70)

Project – Environmental Campaigns

Environmental Campaigns Environmental campaigning is about environmental/social justice for everyone. It is especially important for people from deprived communities who are excluded and marginalised from environmental decision making and are often victims of the impacts of environmental hazards such as air pollution or flooding. It aims to raise awareness and to mobilise people to become […]


Activity – Environmental Pottery

Environmental Pottery Environmental Pottery is known to improve mental health. It is considered a therapy for all ages and is especially useful for treating Depression and Bipolar Disorder. The use of environmental pottery as a therapy is proven to show promising signs in alleviating symptoms of mental health. It provides non-threatening environments in which therapy […]


Activity – Guided Nature Historical Walks

Guided nature historical walks Guided nature historical walks are often referred as eco-therapy‘ which is also a form of exercise  is one of the most powerful interventions a person can do for their health, and in fact exercise is listed as an evidence-based prevention or treatment in 39 UK national guidelines to improve the quality […]


Project – Walk 4 Health


Projects – Foraging for Wild Plants

Foraging wild plants Foraging for wild plants involves learning about the uses of different plants in England. Plants are key to our existence as they have been used traditionally for generations for food as herbal medicine and other purposes for sustenance for example, Nettle, Elder and Teasel. There are similar plants in other cultures from […]


Projects – OPAL Explore Nature Surveys

OPAL Explore Nature surveys The Open Air Laboratories (OPAL) network is a UK-wide citizen science initiative that allows you to get hands-on with nature, whatever your age, background or level of ability. OPAL has been used to enhance the outdoor learning in schools and communities as allows people to go outdoors to explore, discover record […]


Activity – Coarse Fishing

Coarse Fishing Angling can offer one the chance to relax; it may offer intense excitement, fresh air, comradeship and even exercise. What each angler gets from it will depend on the angler. Naturally for anglers the green spaces and proximity to water are important. Aside from the appearance of common words like ‘fish’ and ‘fishing’, […]


Activity – Environmental Photography

Environmental Photography Photographs of nature helps create energy and optimism, helps patients redirect negative thoughts, and provide comfort for the soul. Acutely stressed patients who are exposed to “serene” photographs (primarily water or other tranquil nature scenes) have lower blood pressure than patients exposed to no art or bland posters. Viewing nature scenes promote positive […]


Activity – Outdoor Adventures

Outdoor Adventures Outdoor adventure is commonly known as ‘adventure therapy’ because of the psychological benefits associated for taking part in outdoor and adventurous activities as these have been known to have a positive impact on an individual’s self-esteem and self-efficacy. Other reported psychological, physical and sociological benefits of outdoor experiences and interventions include: recovery from […]

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