Activity – Horse Riding

Horse Riding

Horse riding is often known as Equine therapy, a complementary therapy that stimulates the entire body of the patient. The people regardless of age, when on top of the horse increase their self-esteem and this is also therapeutic as during the riding period increases the patient’s rehabilitation. Physically it improves vertical and horizontal balance, muscle tone, improves motor coordination. People experience independent movement of the pelvis and shoulders, which are essential for enabling healthy walking habits as riding provides the same upper body sensations as walking. Psychologically it helps people feel a sense of general well-being, improved self-esteem and self-confidence. The therapy also helps to reduce feelings of insecurity and fear that in turn will help people gain more confidence in everyday life. Educationally, it improves attention and concentration, essential qualities that any person should have for any area requiring educational skills and socially promotes the development of respect, responsibility, perseverance and loving toward animals. It also improves family and social integration, mental and emotional disturbances autism, phobias and, psychoses.

horse rinding, pottery and cyling 373Horse Ridding at Lonfield Farm 4

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