Outdoor Learning Visits

residential visits

Countryside visits are very important to urban dwellers especially BAMER people who urbanised and have no knowledge of the beautiful landscapes in the rural countryside which can contribute to promote their health and wellbeing. BAMER communities do not only lack access to open spaces but above all suffer from traffic and noise pollution. BAMER children and young people are disconnected from open green spaces such as the rural countryside and therefore indulge in bad habits such as playing computer games with less outdoor play as a result. The countryside on the other hand provides so much lush, open space, you won’t quite know what to do with it! In the country, children have as much space as they want and do not have to share it with tens of other children, like this is the case in most city parks and playgrounds, they will not be inhaling any potentially toxic fumes in the country. Clean air is without a doubt one of the main advantages of countryside life over city dwelling. The countryside is therapeutic bringing you closer to the natural world such as singing of birds, rustling of leaves and running streams that offer a calming and soothing effect for mind, body and soul, rather than by the noise from the traffic. In the countryside is the place as human beings you feel closer to nature because here, nature comes to you and it is quite common to see wildlife such as birds, butterflies, hedgehogs, foxes, rabbits and even deer.

Our activities are dependent on funding so get in touch if your group would like to get involved.