Castle Market Archeology Tour

On Friday 10th May, the African & District Caribbean Community Association (SADACCA) women’s group got an opportunity to look back in time hundreds of years to when Sheffield had a Castle!

The historic Sheffield Castle now being excavated by archeololgists, had been buried for decades by the recently demolished Castle Market buildings.

The group tour the old Castle Site

The Site has had many uses over the centuries and archeologists from Wessex Archeology were on hand to explain the dig to the SADACCA women’s group.

The SADACCA Women’s group have had a bit of history with Wessex Archeology. In 2022 SEM was awarded a Government Green Recovery Challenge Fund (GRCF) grant. As part of this funding initiative, Wessex Archeology was invited by SEM to give a presentation of their work to the SADACCA Women’s group.

This event ignited the imaginations of the group and two years later the SADACCA women (17 of them in total) became the first community group to be taken on tour of the site led by Natasha and Ashley from Wessex Archeology.

On the old Castle Market site

Below are some of the comments from the women:

“When we were on top of the market we never knew what was underneath what it looked like until today so it’s a really great experience to see something like this.”

“It’s a bit emotional when you think we are actually walking where the castle used to be and all the interesting finds and history underneath us, it’s really fascinating I just hope and pray that we will still be around to see the new park”

SADACCA Womens Group

“look what down there while we were doing our shopping we didn’t know all these things were down there, interesting, very very interesting”

“I would like to come back again to see how far they have gone”

“As teenagers we used to meet on the gallery (overlooking the market) and just spend all afternoon there.

Ashley from Wessex Archeology & Maxwell from SEM

Ashley from Wessex Archeology said;

“we really needed to engage people that have shopped here … so it’s fantastic to have you along”

The site is being excavated by Wessex Archeology and Univeristy of Sheffield. The Castle site is the centrepiece of a city centre regeneration project led by Sheffield City Council.

Wild Ingleborough Visit

In June 2022 Sheffield Environmental Movement took ROSHNI women’s group and the SADACCA women’s group to North Yorkshire to visit The Wild Ingleborough nature reserves at Ribblehead Quarry and Ashes Pasture.

We heard birds sing as we walked around the dramatic limestone quarry walls and with the help of our two guides, identified lots of beautiful wild flowers and plants!

Wild Ingleborough aims to restore around 1,200 hectares of land owned by Natural England and the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, helping wildlife to thrive across the Ingleborough National Nature Reserve. The project is a partnership between Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, WWF, Natural England, University of Leeds, United Bank of Carbon and Woodland Trust.

Sheffield DocFest – Ramble On

Ramble on film - right to roam sheffield docfest

Our managing director Maxwell Ayamba wil be leading a walk with campaigner Terry Howard after a screening of the film Ramble On at Sheffield DocFest.

Featuring Right to Roam campaigner Terry Howard. Produced in 2022 and directed by Charlie Thorne the 30 minute film, “journeys across the Sheffield moorlands in this gentle cinematic ramble, which tells the story of the fight to reclaim England’s stolen ground.”

The film is shown as part of ‘This Land is Our Land’ programme of short films and features a Q&A with the director afterwards. The film screenings start on Sunday 26th June at 10am and the guided walk is afterward the screening.

Visit the DocFest website to book ticket.

Sheffield DocFest runs from 23rd June until 28th June 2022

Family Health Walk


We’rre back!

Our first walk since the lockdown on 30th May 2021. Please see flyer for more information!