Kinder In Colour

Mass Trespass 90th Anniversary Walk 24th April 2022

On Sunday 24th April 2022 over 400 people attended the 90th Aniversary of the Kinder Mass Trespass.

In 1932 when a group of 400 of MacColl’s Ramblers from Manchester way deliberately trespassed on the forbidden ground of Kinder Scout led by Benny Rothman from Hayfield village and up Kinder Scout the Peak District’s highest mountain. The land was owned by The Duke of Devonshire, and the walk was a protest against the owner restricting access to this spectacular space. Organised by the British Workers Sport Federation, the walkers soon got into trouble, six of the trespassers were arrested and five were imprisoned. Their sacrifice marked an important moment in Right to Roam movement.

Today’s walk commemorated this important event but also recognises the stuggle for access and the right to roam even today encompases more than it did in 1932.

The Kinder in Colour inititive led by Nadia Shaikh, along with other groups, have worked hard to encourage Black and POC walking groups across the country to attend this important event which was held at Edale.

Its been widely reported that, despite making up 13 per cent of the UK population, Black and POC make up only 1 per cent of visitors to national parks. So todays event not only commemorates the bravery of the original Mass Trespass walkers, but marks a ‘sea change’ in the participation of Black and POC walkers.

The Right to Roam Campaign led by Nick Hayes who wrote the “Book of Trespass- Crossing the line that divides us” and Guy Shrubsole, author of the book “Who Owns England” is the continuation of a struggle not only about class and privilege but a struggle now defined by ‘race’ – its a struggle about this land that we all pay our taxes for its management and conservation. The ‘Green and Unpleasant Land” which is the title of Corrine Fowler’s book. The idea for the ‘Mass Trespass’, if anything at all, means its our human right to have the right to roam this land for our mental health and physical health.

Walkers comments;

“Wonderful day with great speeches , demanding walk. Pleased our group was represented – thanks to the organisers.”

“It was such as wonderful day. A wonderful experience, coming together with so many others to raise teh issues of access and inclusion.”