Maxwell Attends House of Lords Policy Reception

SEM’s CEO Maxwell Ayamba was invited by the NPC to a House of Lords policy reception at Westminster hosted by Baroness Young.

It was about how charities can campaign in the run up to the expected general elections to prioritise issues of the environment on the agenda. Baroness Young of Labour who was created a life peer on 4 November 1997, spoke about the need for charities to promote the importance of the environment considering the ongoing climate crisis saying grassroots environmental charities had an important role to play in ensuring that Government environmental policies are made accessible and communicable to people in local communities especially in relation to the ongoing climate crisis.

Baroness Young & Maxwell Ayamba
SEM’s CEO Maxwell Ayamba meets Baroness Young at the NPC sponsored House of Lords policy reception at Westminster.

Baroness Young was very keen to hear about the great work SEM was doing among ethnic minority communities to raise awareness on environmental issues especially climate change and air pollution.

Maxwell explained to Baroness Young that due to the strategic position of the organisation working successfully with ethnic minorities led to the charity being recognised by the NPC, and is currently contributing to the NPC’s newly launched “Everyone’s Environment”.

He said; “SEM was involved in discussions on how the Everyone’s Environment programme can be communicated to the ethnic minority groups that the charity works with to ensure they are part of ongoing efforts aimed at addressing environmental issues within these communities.”

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