Maxwell’s Speech at Kinder In Colour

Our Managing Director, Maxwell A. Ayamba gave a rousing speech at the Kinder In Colour event on Sunday April 24th at Edale, Peak District National Park.

Here is a taster!

“The POC In Colour Mass Trespass event which took place at Edale, Peak District National Park on Sunday April 24th 2022 was attended by 400 – 500 people from all diverse ethnic and racial backgrounds. It was the first ever Black and POC event trespass march to commemorate 90 years of the Kinder Scout Mass Trespass led by Benny Rothman and his working class colleagues for the right to roam forbidden land owned by wealthy landowners. The trespassers, from Mancherster numbering about 400 marched up Kinder for access to the moors, hills and valleys and mountains. Unfortunately, they were confronted by gamekeepers of the Duke of Devonshire and police, with some including Rothman sentenced for trespassing.”

You can view a clip of Maxwell speaking here.

The Kinder In Colour event was organised by Nadia Shaikh working with the Right to Roam Campaign led by Nick Hayes and Guy Shroubsole advocating for the right to roam for greater access to the open countryside.

Maxwell was one of the keynote speakers at the event. You can download a copy of the speech here.