The Hikers Reclaiming The Countryside

Maxwell Ayamba and members of our Walk4Health walking group feature in a recent article  on the Huck Magazine Website. Published on 16th May 2022, the article called Kinder in Colour: The Hikers Reclaiming the Countryside reports on the Mass Trespass 70th Anniveray Hike.

The article features comments from Maxwell, our Managing Director plus members of the Walk4 Heath group who attended the Mass Trespass anniversary hike in April 2022.

Written by Adam Quarshie, you can read the article here.

HUCK is a magazine that “champions independent culture: personal stories of people challenging the status quo. We’re interested in the potential of counterculture to forge communities and trigger meaningful social change. Huck is an attitude more than a demographic; it’s about people who make things happen for themselves.”

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